My Pet is on Facebook

Can your dog or cat type?

Then he/she is probably on Facebook.

Animals can have their personality, they can be smart, and they certainly have skills we humans don’t have.

But unless your pet can actually enter anything meaningful on a computer keyboard, it is not supposed to be on Facebook. Not as a “person” anyway.

Take it from the founder of Facebook. Even he has to follow the rules. Although he certainly would be able to change them, bend them, tweak them, take an exception and get away with it.

But Mark Zuckerberg heeded the rules when he placed Beast the Dog on Facebook. Not as a personal profile – no that is allowed only for living persons who can actually represent themselves. It is a fan page – the type to be used for businesses, groups or organization. Category: public figure.

Now, of course there are personal profiles on facebook created for animals – I know of some examples myself.

Facebook suspects that, too. So it wants to crack down on those profiles among other things. For pets I think it is a bit harsh – at least the example I know clearly “belongs” to a dog. But I can see the point: not every profile picture is a photo showing the profile holder – so who knows if there is actually a monkey behind a profile and not a human monkeying around.

Anyway – if you have set up a facebook profile for your pet, you should probably convert it to a fan page.  You – as a human being – cannot be friend with your dog – as far as facebook is concerned. But you can like him. And your dog can like other dogs and even cats. He cannot like you back, but I’m sure he can show his appreciation in some other fashion.

Oh – before I forget, we at DPWebSoft Consulting offer conversion of personal profiles (pets, business etc) to fan pages. To get a quote, check out the “Contact Us” tab.


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