Brute Force Attack on WordPress Websites

There has been an attack on wordpress sites everywhere.

For further information see here

We can’t say if this site was affected, but one sister site had a plugin installed to limit the number of login attempts – and there were a lot of attempts. › Continue reading

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Are Yellow Pages Dead?

I just received my complimentary yearly edition of the “Real Yellow Pages”. I was shocked how much it shrank in size in just one  year. Are we witnessing the demise of the traditional yellow pages? › Continue reading

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My Pet is on Facebook

Can your dog or cat type?

Then he/she is probably on Facebook.

Animals can have their personality, they can be smart, and they certainly have skills we humans don’t have.

But unless your pet can actually enter anything meaningful on a computer keyboard, it is not › Continue reading

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Facebook removes FBML

On July 5, 2012, Facebook will remove all FBML functionality.

FB has blocked new usage of FBML for quite some time now, but allowed the existing applications (FBML tabs) to function. This will change on 7/5/12.

FBML, as you might recall, was a way to put user contents with user specific looks and layout on facebook pages. The way to do it now is via so-called iframes.

DPWebsoft Consulting can help you transitioning from FBML to iframes. Even if you have not used either of them, we can install applications on facebook pages that work like you have own website, but it shows up under a tab of your facebook page.

Please let us know if we can help you. You can find the contact information in the “Contact Us” tab on top of this page.

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Facebook Timeline for Biz pages

At the end of this month Facebook will convert all business pages (aka fan pages) to use the timeline feature.

The timeline page is obviously so important to Facebook, that you cannot land anywhere else when you enter the page.

The option for a default landing page (other than wall) is gone.

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Have you ever wondered what this is?

This is a QRCode (“QR” stands for Quick response). If you have a mobile phone (and who doesn’t – really), and you have an app for a QRCode reader (e.g. from, you can scan it, and your device will load whatever the target of the code is.

You can direct it to websites, including facebook pages. But you can also direct it to load a phone number.

Try it out if you’re curious.

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What did we learn from the Doomsday disaster

Now that the Doomsday prediction for 5/21/2011 has not come true, is there a lesson to learn here?

I think BrainTurnedOff has a point here. Even though it got some media attention, trustworthiness comes with a mailing list. You hear it all the time. You got to have a mailing list to be successful to promote your products.


Oops!Creative Commons License photo credit: Mike Licht,

Your Business Problem

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Does Online Video Reach the Business Audience?

Have asked yourself whether or not Online Videos reach the business customers?

According to Forbes Insights, business people watched more online videos than a year ago, and generally 60% of all respondents said they would watch video before reading text on the same webpage, and 22% said they generally liked watching video more than reading text for reviewing business information.

Frequency with Which US Executives View Work-Related Online Video Content, Oct 2010 (% of respondents)

Especially among younger executives, likelihood of making a purchase was high.

Behavior of US Executives After Viewing a Work-Related Online Video, by Age, Oct 2010 (% of respondents)

As you can see, it was executives older than 50 who had not yet gotten on board with video, but the younger ones were interested in video at least to some degree.


“How Online Video Can Reach the Business Audience”

Do you want to reach out to your business audience via video? But don’t know too much about it?

We can help you to get started.

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You can have a video too

Did you know that online videos are the fastest growing medium on the web? YouTube is world’s #2 search engine.

People are watching 2 billion videos a day on YouTube.

Many businesses have online videos, too – they are commercials like on television, but unlike TV you can put your videos on YouTube for free.

DPWebSoft Consulting is offering productions of online videos for an affordable price. There are several templates available.

You can have an online video presense of your business with a video such like this one here:

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Does Social Media Marketing Make Sense for the Smallest Businesses?

Are you one of the small business owners who think social media marketing is not for you, you are not alone.  Only a quarter of businesses thought their customers want to hear from them through social media sites.

Attitudes of US Small Businesses Regarding Connecting with Customers via Social Media, Aug 2010 (% of respondents)

Moreover, many of the business owners think that their customers are doing online research or are on social networking sites.

Research shows, however, that 97% of internet users in the U.S. used online media to search for local products and services in Q1 2010, and 57% of them use social networks at least monthly this year.

Whether their primary source is the use of search engine or social networking, or both, more and more are adopting, and not just younger people.


“Social media can be a great equalizer for small businesses to compete alongside larger brands and SMBs are missing out if they are not involved.”

Are you missing out too? You don’t know too much about it?

We can help you to get started.

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