Does Social Media Marketing Make Sense for the Smallest Businesses?

Are you one of the small business owners who think social media marketing is not for you, you are not alone.  Only a quarter of businesses thought their customers want to hear from them through social media sites.

Attitudes of US Small Businesses Regarding Connecting with Customers via Social Media, Aug 2010 (% of respondents)

Moreover, many of the business owners think that their customers are doing online research or are on social networking sites.

Research shows, however, that 97% of internet users in the U.S. used online media to search for local products and services in Q1 2010, and 57% of them use social networks at least monthly this year.

Whether their primary source is the use of search engine or social networking, or both, more and more are adopting, and not just younger people.


“Social media can be a great equalizer for small businesses to compete alongside larger brands and SMBs are missing out if they are not involved.”

Are you missing out too? You don’t know too much about it?

We can help you to get started.

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What Followers Like – and don’t like

Another article from Emarketer

This is what consumers like:

Types of Interactions that US New Media Users Look for When Engaging with Companies/Brands Online, Sep 2010 (% of respondents)

But is is also important what consumers don’t like:

Reasons that US New Media Users Stop Following Companies/Brands Online, Sep 2010 (% of respondents)

Here is the link to the original article.

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Social Media most effective channel to integrate with Email

This is from the site

Social Media Sites Used and that Produced the Best Email Marketing Results According to Email and Online Marketers in North America, June 2010 (% of respondents)

For more details visit this site.

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Light Speed Affiliate Profits

If you want to get started with Affiliate Marketing you might want to check this Ebook here

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Facebook Business Page without Personal Account

Ever wanted to create a business page in Facebook without using a personal account?

There is a way to do it. Sort of.

Facebook allows to set up a business account, which is like a personal account without the bells and whistles of a personal account. If you have neither, you can click on the “Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business” link just below the “sign up” on the login panel. It will lead right to the “create a page” panel. Continue to create an “official page” for your business. At some point Facebook will ask for you login information, where you can select “I do not have a Facebook account”. At that time you have to enter your business email address and date of birth.

Now you have a business account through which you have to access your business pages from now on.

Keep in mind, per TOS you as an individual can have only one account, either personal or business. You may later convert your business account to a personal account by entering more information (cannot be converted back). But you cannot have multiple business accounts or one of each personal and business account.

If you are creating business pages for your clients you go through these steps as outlined above. At the time the client takes over you need to make your client an administrator of that page (after befriending him or her). When you or your client removes you as an administrator of the page you just reduced to the role of an ordinary visitor of that page (hopefully you’ll like it).

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Bad Facebook Pages

Have you noticed you many facebook pages indented for businesses have been setup incorrectly? They are setup violating facebook’s terms of services – and could be deleted if you get caught.

Facebook is not that intuitive on how to setup business pages, and that is the reason why so many “business pages” are set up as personal pages, which are intended for natural persons only.

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