Facebook Timeline for Biz pages

At the end of this month Facebook will convert all business pages (aka fan pages) to use the timeline feature.

The timeline page is obviously so important to Facebook, that you cannot land anywhere else when you enter the page.

The option for a default landing page (other than wall) is gone.

The settings of the default landing page wasn’t of such importance, since it is ignored when you already liked the page. It worked only for non-likers or if you’re not logged on to FB.

The custom tabs like your own welcome tab are still there, but they’ll be now harder for people to find.

That means those like-gates (first image says “hey like our page because…” and second image says thanks or gives you access to something) really won’t work anymore. And you can’t put “like me” on the big cover photo – FB specifically prohibits it.

Thursday, March 1st, 2012 Uncategorized

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